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Subterranean termites are very common in Kansas. They are native to the soil and tunnel through the soil to find wood or wood products in homes and businesses.

Worker Termites
Termites Verses Ant
Swarmer Termite on the Left
Swarmer Ant on the Right

Tips for identifying termites in your home:

  • Packed Dirt

    Termites travel in tunnels made of mud. They will create a buildup of mud in between boards and in corners where they are less visible.

  • Mud Tunnels

    Tunnels may be built across concrete or brick for the termites to access wood. These tunnels can be narrow and inconspicuous.

  • Freestanding Tunnels

    In unusual situations, termites can avoid the barrier of a chemical treatment and create a freestanding tunnel from the ground to your home, giving them access to your structure.

Swarming Termites

  • Swarming Termites

    Termites will swarm in the spring and early summer. These swarms are generally in higher locations (a roof or ceiling). Termites will swarm to create new colonies in the area.

  • Preparing to Swarm

    Termites prepare to swarm by building a tunnel for the winged termites to escape from. These tunnels are flat and can be freestanding.

  • Swarming Tunnels

    These tunnels are created to allow the larger termites to float from the colony to the ground where a king and a queen can meet up to create a new colony underground.