Subterranean termites were discovered in the West Wing of the White House in 1998, when termites swarmed just 30 feet from the Oval Office. The termites entered the White House through a small crack in the foundation. Though no major structural damage was found, damage was discovered under a window and in the baseboard nearby where the termites had swarmed. Immediate action was needed to protect the structure from future termite damage.

A local Authorized Operator installed the Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System at the White House to eliminate the termite colony and permanently protect the structure from future termite attacks. The Sentricon System was installed with in-ground stations strategically placed around the entire perimeter of the structure. Recruit™ AG bait stations, the above ground component of the Sentricon System, were also installed in the area inside the White House where the termites were discovered.

Termites actively fed on the Recruit AG bait stations inside the White House where the damage was found, and on the Recruit II termite bait in the in-ground Sentricon System stations around the White House. Rest assured�the Sentricon System never sleeps while protecting the White House from future termite invasions.